Published Papers


Elite Law Firms in the IPO Market”
2019, Journal of Banking and Finance, 107 (October 2019), pp. (with Pablo Moran)

“Can Spending Time in the Minors Pay Off? An Examination of the Canadian Junior Public Equity Markets”
2018, Journal of Small Business Management, 56 (S1), pp. 88-107 (with Michele Meoli, Michael J. Robinson, and Silvio Vismara)

“The Role of Agents in Private Entrepreneurial Finance”
2015, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 39 (2), pp. 345-374 (with Douglas Cumming and Michael J. Robinson)

“Is Effective Junior Equity Market Regulation Possible?”
2014, Financial Analysts Journal, 70 (4), pp. 42-54 (with Michael J. Robinson)

“The IPO Market in Canada: What a Comparison with the United States Tells Us About a Global Problem”
2013, Canadian Business Law Journal, 54 (3), pp. 321-367 (with Bryce C. Tingle and Michael J. Robinson)

“The Wealth Effects of Reducing Private Placement Resale Restrictions”
2011, European Financial Management, 17 (3), pp. 500-531 (with Elizabeth Maynes)

“Underwriter Quality and Long-Run IPO Performance”
2011, Financial Management, 40 (1), pp. 219-251 (with Ming Dong and Jean-Sebastien Michel)

“Bought Deals: The Value of Underwriter Certification in Seasoned Equity Offerings”
2010, Journal of Banking and Finance, 34 (7), pp. 1576-1589




“Fundamentals of Corporate Finance”
2019, 10th Canadian Edition, McGraw-Hill Education, with Stephen A. Ross, Randolph Westerfield, Bradford D. Jordan, Gordon S. Roberts, J. Ari Pandes, and Thomas Holloway


Book Chapters


“Is Exchange Regulation Effective for Junior Public Equity Markets?” 2018, in Douglas Cumming and Sofia Johan (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of IPOs, New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 487-505 (with Michael J. Robinson)

“The Canadian Junior IPO Market and the Capital Pool Company Program”
2013, in Mario Levis and Silvio Vismara (Eds.), Handbook of Research on IPOs, London: Edward Elgar, pp. 124-140 (with Michael J. Robinson)


Completed Working Papers


“Analyst Herding and Short-Term Reversals”
Working Paper, University of Calgary and HEC Montreal (with Jean-Sebastien Michel)


Works in Progress


“The Role of Underpricing in Equity Rights Offers”
with B. Espen Eckbo

“The Time-Varying Effects of the Role of Financial Advisors in M&As”
with Pablo Moran

“New Insights on How Private Firms Finance their Growth and Development: Evidence from the Alberta Securities Commission Private-Financings”
with Michael J. Robinson

“Are there Financing Windows in the Junior Equity Market: Evidence from Capital Pool Companies”
with Walid Busaba and Michael J. Robinson

“New Methods of Raising Financing: An Examination of the Standby Equity Distribution Agreement (SEDA)”
with Douglas Cumming and Michael J. Robinson

“An Analysis of the Effectiveness of the 2002-2005 Amendments to the Private Placement Rules in Alberta”
with Sandra Malach and Michael J. Robinson

“How to Cure a Disease by Killing the Patient: A comparison of U.S. and Canadian Junior Market Regulation”
with Michael J. Robinson and Bryce Tingle