Academic Presentations

Academic Presentations


Research: “Does Limited Liability Matter? Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment”
♦ 2021 Financial Intermediation Research Society Conference (Online)
♦ 2021 American Finance Association Meeting Poster Session (Online)
♦ 2020 European Finance Association Conference (Online)
♦ 2020 Northern Finance Association Conference (Online)
♦ 2020 Paris December Finance Conference (Online)
♦ 2020 Financial Management Association Conference (Online)
♦ 2020 Boca Corporate Finance and Governance Conference (Online)

Research: “If You Want to Maximize Profits, Manage for the Long-term”
♦ 2020 Financial Management Association Conference (Online)
♦ 2020 Canadian Sustainable Finance Network Conference (Online)

Research: “Elite Law Firms in the IPO Market”
♦ 2018 Financial Management Association Conference, San Diego, U.S.

Research: “Can Spending Time in the Minors Pay Off? An Examination of the Canadian Junior Public Equity Markets”
♦ 2016 Multinational Finance Society Conference, Stockholm, Sweden
♦ 2016 European Financial Management Association, Basel, Switzerland
♦ 2016 Financial Management Association European Conference, Helsinki, Finland

Research: “Mitigating Bad Behavior: The Role of Underwriters’ Legal Advisors in IPOs”
♦ 2015 Canadian Economics Association Conference, Toronto, Canada
♦ 2014 Alberta Finance Institute Conference, Edmonton, Canada

Research: “Is Effective Junior Equity Market Regulation Possible?”
♦ 2014 University of Bergamo seminar, Bergamo, Italy.
♦ 2013 Multinational Finance Society Annual Conference, Izmir, Turkey
♦ 2013 Administrative Sciences Association of Canada Annual Conference, Calgary, Alberta
♦ 2013 Canadian Economics Association Annual Conference, Montreal, Quebec
♦ 2013 Joint Corporate Governance: An International Review and Schulich School of Business (York University) conference on “Global Perspectives on Entrepreneurship: Public and Corporate Governance”, Toronto, Ontario
♦ 2012 Joint Chartered Financial Analysts, Financial Analysts Journal, and Schulich School of Business (York University) conference on “Financing Public and Private Firms: Fraud, Ethics and Regulation”, Toronto, Ontario

Research: “Analyst Herding and Short-Term Reversals”
♦ 2012 University of Calgary Department of Accountingseminar, Calgary, Alberta
♦ 2012 Financial Management Association Asia conference, Phuket, Thailand
♦ 2012 European Financial Management Association conference, Barcelona, Spain
♦ 2012 Multinational Finance Society conference, Krakow, Poland
♦ 2012 Canadian Economics Association conference, Calgary, Alberta
♦ 2011 Financial Intermediation Research Society (FIRS) conference, Sydney, Australia (as a different iteration of the paper, entitled “Dispersion, Revisions and Stock Returns in G-7 Countries”)

Research: “The Role of Agents in Private Entrepreneurial Finance”
♦ 2011 Northern Finance Association conference, Vancouver, British Columbia
♦ 2011 European Financial Management Association conference, Braga, Portugal
♦ 2011 European Financial Management Association Symposium on Alternative Investments, Toronto, Ontario
♦ 2011 Duke/Kauffman Entrepreneurship Conference, Durham, North Carolina

Research: “The Wealth Effects of Reducing Private Placement Resale Restrictions”
♦ 2010 European Financial Management Association Symposium on Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital Markets, Montreal, Canada
♦ 2008 European Finance Association conference, Athens, Greece
♦ 2008 Northern Finance Association conference, Calgary, Alberta
♦ 2008 Financial Management Association conference, Grapevine (Dallas), Texas

Research: “Bought Deals: The Value of Underwriter Certification in Seasoned Equity Offerings”
♦ 2009 American Finance Association conference, San Francisco, California
♦ 2009 University of Toronto (Seminar), Toronto, Ontario
♦ 2009 University of Waterloo (Seminar), Waterloo, Ontario
♦ 2009 University of Calgary (Seminar), Calgary, Alberta
♦ 2009 HEC Montreal (Seminar), Montreal, Quebec
♦ 2009 University of Warwick (Seminar), Coventry, England
♦ 2009 Erasmus University (Seminar), Rotterdam, The Netherlands
♦ 2009 VU Amsterdam (Seminar), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
♦ 2009 ESSEC Business School (Seminar), Paris, France
♦ 2008 York University (Seminar), Toronto, Ontario
♦ 2008 Financial Management Association conference, Grapevine (Dallas), Texas